Friday, April 30, 2010

Two links for free Moo!!

Hey guys! Just thought I'd link this forum post. In it, Pixiebell gives two links that you can go to so you can get TWO sets of free Moo cards. You just have to pay shipping. ($5.50 for one and $6 for the other) I just ordered mine. Today is the last day. Hurry! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Treasury by CampbellJane

My new cross earrings have been featured in a fabulous "Gypsy Goods" treasury by curated by CampbellJane. I love anything gypsy so I was very honored to be in this particular treasury. Upon going to CampbellJane's shop, I was greeted with a rather interesting style of artwork. It is, in her words, "folk art with a colorful contemporary touch." And that it is! Here are my two favorite paintings from her shop.

The first "Colorful Christ" (print) is one of my faves because if you look in his eyes you can almost see his pain, but at the same time, his expression looks rather serene. I love the juxtapostion there.

I enjoy the second one "Love Grows" (also a print) because I am a true romantic when it comes to humanity and how I think the world should be.

You can click on the pictures to be taken to her listings and you can do the same for the treasury, as long as it's still active. :)

Thanks again CampbellJane for featuring my earrings!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The new shop is under way!

So I've made some changes in my shop. I made a new banner, a new avatar and uploaded my first item that goes in the new direction. Above is a pic of my avatar and first item. I've gone through my shop and tweaked my old titles, shop title, descriptions and shop announcement so they are more SEO friendly... I think.... and changed my prices so that I will be able to do wholesale in the future. I've been reading up in the forums a lot and have found some awesome tips. Sometime later on I'll post links to the threads that were really helpful to me. So how is it going with you guys? Have you tweaked your shop to be more SEO friendly?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm baaaacccckk!!

Hey guys!! *kisses* Sorry it's been, what, four months since I've posted. Everything is fine. I just got kind of down about my shop, and then I moved so I had to put it on vacation mode, and just kind of left it there for a while. In my absence I've done a lot of soul-searching and I think I know who I am a bit better now. I feel like a new person and am ready for a new adventure!
I'm looking to take my shop in a new direction. I'm wanting it to have a vintagey-old-attic-filled-with-relics kind of feel. I've gone through my shop and taken out all the items that won't fit the new shop mold. The pic above (sorry it's crappy, I took it with my phone) is of some vintage sheet music, manuals and books for props and a vintage inspired blouse to go on the mannequin I bought for taking pics. (The herbs aren't for props... well... heck, I guess that would go with the theme though...)

I've made some new jewelry pieces out of antiqued brass and silver. Now I need to re-take pics of the pieces that are already in my shop and then take pics of the new items. I have, I think I counted 21 pieces to add. I'm also going to make a banner that is more cohesive with the feel. I'm so excited guys!!

So how have you all been? I hope all is well. Please update me on anything new with you guys that I may have missed in my absence. Once again, I'm sorry it's been so long and I thank all of you that are still following me! You guys are awesome! *muah*

Oh, and here's a chill song I'm listening to. Just thought I'd share, maybe some of you will like it. :)