Thursday, April 22, 2010

Treasury by CampbellJane

My new cross earrings have been featured in a fabulous "Gypsy Goods" treasury by curated by CampbellJane. I love anything gypsy so I was very honored to be in this particular treasury. Upon going to CampbellJane's shop, I was greeted with a rather interesting style of artwork. It is, in her words, "folk art with a colorful contemporary touch." And that it is! Here are my two favorite paintings from her shop.

The first "Colorful Christ" (print) is one of my faves because if you look in his eyes you can almost see his pain, but at the same time, his expression looks rather serene. I love the juxtapostion there.

I enjoy the second one "Love Grows" (also a print) because I am a true romantic when it comes to humanity and how I think the world should be.

You can click on the pictures to be taken to her listings and you can do the same for the treasury, as long as it's still active. :)

Thanks again CampbellJane for featuring my earrings!


Campbell Jane said...

Niki you are the sweetest thing! What a surprise! Thank you! I love that you picked one of my favorites, The Christ, and was somewhat surprised that he makes you feel the same way he does me.
I love your earrings!
Many Blessings

TheNikiProject said...

That's pretty neat that we both like the same one for the same reasons. And you are more than welcome. Once I saw your art work it was the least I could do to share it!