Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Desert Wheat and Contest

So I have been tagged by Velvetwoods! Check out my previous post for some info on her blog and shop. But here's the rules for this photo tag game.

1. Open your first photo folder
2. Scroll to the tenth photo
3. Post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it
4. Tag people to do the same

So my tenth photo was this desert wheat plant. It's not really wheat, but that's what it looks like to me. It had just rained so I ventured out with my camera and I liked the rain drops on the stalk. Also, it was still rather cloudy and I didn't adjust my settings right so I apologize for the grainyness.
So to help this continue on:

2ndcoming is tagged
beFREEdesigns is tagged
Glowbug Design is tagged

Also, one of my sparrow necklaces has been entered into a contest on DawnWillBreak's Blog. Join in the fun and cast your vote. The winner receives a free pair of earrings. So stop by and support your favorite artists!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Made A Stellar Treasury!

Here it is! My first ever treasury! My plan is to start making these little buggers and each time I'll feature a few of my blogger buddies! For this one I've featured Velvetwoods and Imaginative Intentions. They are both great artists whose work I admire. Velvetwoods has a beautiful blog and an even more gorgeous shop that is filled with dreamy surreal prints that are to die for! Imaginitive Intentions also has a fantastic blog that you can visit and a shop that is full of amazing pendants with an array of images. So, if you want a great piece of artwork, whether for your wall or for around your neck , check out their shops. You'll definitely find some fascinating eye candy. And don't forget to check out my treasury. It turned out great if I do say so myself!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Pieces, Finally!

So just like the title says, these are my new Halloween pieces. The first three are part of my "Drops of Blood" line. I saw these beads and immediately thought of blood droplets, so that's what I made them into. I have noticed though that on my first pic you can see my fingerprint a bit on the glass. I'll have to touch it up before I post I guess.
I love these earrings. When I think Halloween, I think red and black. Now I know that the colors traditionally are orange and black, but I like red much better, and I think it makes for better contrast. *shrugs* One thing I noticed about the book that I hung the earrings on (It's a lovely aged copy of Interview With The Vampire, my fav) is that it's opened up to the part where Claudia goes a bit crazy about being made a vampire. You can see the quotes, "Which one of you did it? Which one of you made me what I am?" A great part in the movie. Just thought it was kind of cool that the book was opened to that page.

These, real simple design, but they are on sterling hooks.

I particularly like the black beads on the bracelet. You can only slightly tell from the pic but the black beads are shiny on the flat parts and on the rounded edges they are matte. Very cool detail I thought. Anyways, Sunday I should be doing my model pics so these will be going up starting that day or shortly after. Just thought I would update you guys since everyone and their mom has already added Halloween items.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finally Got Up The Nerve

Finally, I got up to the nerve to sell this necklace. I made it months ago and was holding on to it with the thoughts that maybe I wanted to keep it. To be honest, I'm not sure what I would wear it with. I'm generally not the type to wear statement pieces. But for some reason, I love it! So, I took pictures of it about a month and a half ago, but still couldn't work up the courage to list it. But, I saw it sitting in my box of finished pieces and realized that it was time to let the ole gal go. So, finally, here she is. Tangled Up In Love is finally up for sale in my shop. I just hope she goes to a good home. :-P

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Giveaway! I Am Honored!

So there is this awesome blog, Fun Fabulous Finds , that hosts TONS of giveaways! It's a super fun blog and there are so many giveaways that you will for sure find one that you want to get in on. For the whole month of September she is having an "All Things Halloween" giveaway where she will be giving away a halloween item from an Etsy shop EVERYDAY! And there are five different ways to enter for each giveaway. The giveaway for my Owl With Swarovksi Eyes Necklace has started today. That's the picture of it up above. I feel so honored! So head on over to her blog to get entered in this and many other giveaways!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Made Me Happy

So, for those of you that have read my post on spirituality, you know that I'm not really sure what to believe. However, while I was driving around yesterday I saw this man on the street corner. He wasn't begging for money or food. He was just simply walking back and forth on the street corner showing his sign. Now, I'm not sure if I think that Jesus is our savior, but for some reason, this made me smile. I think it's because there was something in the way that this man presented himself. He wasn't imposing this onto anyone. He wasn't shouting and being obnoxious trying to get people to believe what he believes. He seemed genuine. As if he was saying, " I love you, and jesus loves you, and we are all saved by him. This is what I believe. I thought I would share this with you, because I care." I guess I could say that his demeanor was almost god-like in the fact that he seemed so loving, so caring, so accepting, so genuine. Anyways, I felt moved by this man so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eerie/Lovely Song

I haven't heard this song in a while and then my awesome pandora played it. For those of you who don't know what pandora is, it's a website where you type in a band or a song and it streams music that is related to what you typed. PLUS, you get to rate each song, thumbs up or down and it adjusts your station accordingly. Pandora.com I have found many amazing artists that way. Anyways, this song "What Else Is There" by Royksopp. Love it! It's so chill and it has an eerie kind of vibe, especially if you watch the video. Kind of odd, but I like odd. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

My First Treasury!

Yay! My pink Monroe Necklace was used in a treasury! As you can see the treasury is all about pink. Thank you Jesalynn! She has a cute shop filled with adorable ribbon and hemp bracelets. You should check it out!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I've Been Up To

So Zeb and I decided one night that it was finally time to get our CD collection in order. You see, we keep our CD's in those books where you just slide the CD into the sleeves and we had all the cases in boxes. Anyways, we did this one night when Zeb had a friend over. Zeb and I would find the appropriate case and put the CD in it and Zeb's friend Shane would alphebetize them. The pic above is the alphabetized stacks. We also have another stack of about 20 empty cases that we couldn't find the CD for and we have about 30 Cd's that we couldn't find the cases for. So, we don't want to throw out the cases, thinking we could just get used CD's on Ebay or something. So, we still have all these cases, and now we still have a CD book for the ones that didn't have cases. So it seems like our collection (mostly Zeb's) is taking up more room than it did before. *sigh*

Also, I got some premo!! I'm super excited to mess around with it! I really want to get my hands into some PMC but I figured I'd get a few techniques down before I dove into the expensive stuff. I already tried making some pendants with the air-dry craft porcelain, (See pic below) but it was really sticky so I didn't really like working with it.

I also added a new item to my shop. I've taken my most recent pics on this amazingly worn copy of Interview with the Vampire. I love the feel that it gives the pictures.

Eternal Darkness Is In A Blog Contest!

So excited! Adrienne of StudioHaus has made a list of her favs and I'm on it! Woo hoo! She's also having a little contest where people comment on their favorite item on her list. I think it's at the end of the week that she'll announce the winner. Head on over to check it out and cast your vote!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Coming Early Next Week

So here's some of the pieces I have been working on. I made the top one really long so it can be worn as one long necklace or doubled up to look like two. The bottom one is freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals. Very feminine, could even be considered bridal wear. As for the pearls, I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the freshwater pearls aren't smooth. They have ridges and aren't perfectly round. I think it looks kind of neat and my mom does too, but it makes me wonder if it would turn people off. If they would rather have perfectly round glass pearls instead. What do you guys think? What's your preference? Anyways, I've taken the product photos, now I have to wait until Sunday to take the model pictures. So I'll be listing them on Sunday or Monday. Also, sometime this weekend I'm going to get some more supplies. Yay! So there will be even more pieces to come!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Favorite Pics

So I figured that I would share some of my favorite pictures. My favorites tend to not be the kind where people pose and smile, although those can be great too. I tend to like the ones that are candid, that capture a particular feeling or emotion, either from the people or the place. So, here are my favorites. I'll write a description under each one.

So this is my profile pic and also my avatar pic for Etsy and twitter. This is an engagement pic of my husband Zeb and I and is my most favorite pic of all time, so far. I really like this pic because you can see the vast desert expanding behind us. It's as though this is our starting point, and we have that whole blank canvas of life together in front of us. I especially love that it's just our silhouettes. No real detail to distract. Also, it has a simple, almost asian feel to it.
This is also an engagement of us two. I like it for the same reasons as the one above. It seems to evoke the feeling of going off into the sunset together. How romantic! :-P

This one was taken on my trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. We slept on our towels on the beach and were awakened by the rising sun. I love how the morning sun dusts all the little humps of sand, and that it's not high enough to fully light all of it. I also really like the visual appeal of all the little thatched umbrellas in a row and the empty chairs lazily sitting alone. I took this pic upon waking.

This one was taken on a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain with a bunch of friends. After going on the water ride, we were all soaked. Not wanting to walk around into the night with soggy shoes, we all went into the gift shop and purchased matching Six Flags flip flops. This was an awesome day of happiness and togetherness with friends. All of our happy little matching feet exemplified that for me.