Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I've Been Up To

So Zeb and I decided one night that it was finally time to get our CD collection in order. You see, we keep our CD's in those books where you just slide the CD into the sleeves and we had all the cases in boxes. Anyways, we did this one night when Zeb had a friend over. Zeb and I would find the appropriate case and put the CD in it and Zeb's friend Shane would alphebetize them. The pic above is the alphabetized stacks. We also have another stack of about 20 empty cases that we couldn't find the CD for and we have about 30 Cd's that we couldn't find the cases for. So, we don't want to throw out the cases, thinking we could just get used CD's on Ebay or something. So, we still have all these cases, and now we still have a CD book for the ones that didn't have cases. So it seems like our collection (mostly Zeb's) is taking up more room than it did before. *sigh*

Also, I got some premo!! I'm super excited to mess around with it! I really want to get my hands into some PMC but I figured I'd get a few techniques down before I dove into the expensive stuff. I already tried making some pendants with the air-dry craft porcelain, (See pic below) but it was really sticky so I didn't really like working with it.

I also added a new item to my shop. I've taken my most recent pics on this amazingly worn copy of Interview with the Vampire. I love the feel that it gives the pictures.


velvetwoods said...

I commend you for getting your cd's in order mine is such a mess.
Love interview with the vampire and piece looks stunning.
I'm watching True blood today,I'm up to the second season.I love it.

Angela said...

I thought the Premo packs were cigarettes! Ha ha...

Organizing CDs is a pain!

TheNikiProject said...

I STILL have not watched an episode of True Blood! I have been meaning to! I did watch Vampire Diaries tonight though. But someday... I will watch some episodes of True. :-P And the Cd's were a HUGE pain! Took us hours!

Glowbug Design said...

That book is great! I really need to hit up a used book store if only to get some props for pictures.