Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Favorite Pics

So I figured that I would share some of my favorite pictures. My favorites tend to not be the kind where people pose and smile, although those can be great too. I tend to like the ones that are candid, that capture a particular feeling or emotion, either from the people or the place. So, here are my favorites. I'll write a description under each one.

So this is my profile pic and also my avatar pic for Etsy and twitter. This is an engagement pic of my husband Zeb and I and is my most favorite pic of all time, so far. I really like this pic because you can see the vast desert expanding behind us. It's as though this is our starting point, and we have that whole blank canvas of life together in front of us. I especially love that it's just our silhouettes. No real detail to distract. Also, it has a simple, almost asian feel to it.
This is also an engagement of us two. I like it for the same reasons as the one above. It seems to evoke the feeling of going off into the sunset together. How romantic! :-P

This one was taken on my trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. We slept on our towels on the beach and were awakened by the rising sun. I love how the morning sun dusts all the little humps of sand, and that it's not high enough to fully light all of it. I also really like the visual appeal of all the little thatched umbrellas in a row and the empty chairs lazily sitting alone. I took this pic upon waking.

This one was taken on a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain with a bunch of friends. After going on the water ride, we were all soaked. Not wanting to walk around into the night with soggy shoes, we all went into the gift shop and purchased matching Six Flags flip flops. This was an awesome day of happiness and togetherness with friends. All of our happy little matching feet exemplified that for me.


2ndComing said...

that first picture is breath taking!

TheNikiProject said...

:) Thank you.