Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spirituality, the Universe

So I just subscribed to get my daily note from the universe from Thanks Hint!
I love the idea of getting a note from the universe. But why? I've read and love The Secret and I think the law of attraction is an interesting concept. But is it real? I am always thinking about and questioning these different concepts, along with the existance of god. I know that when I feel the need to pray, I do it. But when I really think about it, I have no idea whom I'm praying to. One of my theories is that yes, I'm praying to god. Another is that god is really only a manifestation of ourselves, our conscience if you will. So really, I'd be praying to myself? Another possibility is that the law of attraction really does work and that by praying I am putting my thoughts and wants out there and the universe is using the law of attraction and taking my prayers and sending me corresponding circumstances and events. And yet another theory is that it's all mental. That just by praying, I'm making my intentions clear in my head, for myself and since I've become clear about what I want, it's easier to move towards and manifest it in my life. Whatever the case, praying seems to work for me. Although, since I'm not sure I'm praying to 'God' I'm not sure I can even label it as 'Praying'. Perhaps just meditation, or maybe even contemplation? I have trouble coming to a firm stance on what I believe to be true. The truth is, I don't know. Nobody does FOR SURE. There just isn't solid ABSOLUTE proof in either direction. I've read up on creationism and evolution debates and it all comes down to one thing. Where did it all start? No one can be sure. So, I'll continue to pray, meditate or contemplate whenever I feel the need. And I feel fine knowing that I don't know how it's working. The important part is that it is.


Mountaindreamers said...

I love my 'notes' each morning, they are sweet , profound and make me laugh out loud, you are right , you can't prove belief systems one way or another, they are simply what we have come to believe in that moment , ever evolving ( for me anyway) but one thing is for sure that when I contemplate how the universe hangs in its perfect balance , there is something as the Lakota refer to as ' the great mystery' . We don't have to explain it or pick it apart or pigeon hole it. I simply honor what is there. I hope some time I have an opportunity to know more of what is really out there and what is inside that propels our heart to love deeply, namaste.

TheNikiProject said...

You hit the nail on the head! We shouldn't feel compelled to pick it apart, although our analytical minds may think differently. Part of the beauty is that it IS a mystery. And yes, "honor what is there." I think it was on "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" where they said, "Be in the mystery". I love it.

Ren said...

Love this post. Meditation and yoga, both forms of spiritual cultivation, have also been known to lower blood pressure, center the self, and calm the heart rate.

Be alive in the mystery. Be lost and aware of the mystery and suddenly everything makes sense.

TheNikiProject said...

You pointed out some great info Ren. I love how doing something so natural, and good for us (meditation and yoga) can have such profound effects on the body.