Monday, August 24, 2009

Re-Taking Pics

So I've been pretty happy with my latest pictures that I've taken for my most recent posts. It got me looking at my earliest listings. Some of those pics are awful! So, while taking pics of my new pieces to be listed, I also re-took some older ones, and boy did they need it! Here's some before and after shots.

All I can say is no wonder people didn't buy them! The pics were atrocious! I think the new ones are much better. Although, I do wonder if the words on the pages make the pics too busy. What do you think? At any rate, they are better than the before shots! I've also posted some new listings.
Pretty in Pink Blooms Necklace
Lonely Sparrow with Blue Pearl Necklace
I'm having trouble with the last pic of the sparrow. I think it looks too dark, so I try to edit it and make it brighter by adjusting the exposure but that makes the metal look too reflective. So, I'm a little stumped on that one... Anyhoo, here's to learning!


Nina said...

The new photos look great- and I love the one of the sparrow!! :)

AuroraRose said...

I agree! the new ones are much better! I am constantly doing new pictures and in a month, I think mine have improved a lot. I now need to work on new pics of my hair accessories in a model's hair. the ones I have of that at the moment aren't very good!

TheNikiProject said...

Thank you guys! I don't know about you but I think when re-taking pics it's SOOO exciting to see how much you have improved since you took the original pics. And good luck re-taking new model pics Aurora! Since you've improved it will be really neat to see how the new ones turn out.

Glowbug Design said...

I too just retook a lot of my earlier listings' photos!

I think the sparrow necklace is beautiful!

TheNikiProject said...

Thank you Glowbug. :)

Imaginative Intentions said...

Your new photos are absolutely amazing! Your did a great job!

Beadin By The Sea said...

I love your new photos! I think we all go through that stage where we realize our earlier pics need to be retaken. There is so much to learn but we need to take it one step at a time. And...I like the print in the background, I think it adds to the romantic feel.