Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Facebook Tagging, Awesome and Handy.

So I have just discovered Facebook tagging. What is facebook tagging you ask? Well, it works a lot like tagging on twitter. Say I want to update my status or post on someone's wall and leave a link to my fan page. I simply type an "at" symbol and then my fan page name. (@the niki project) When you type the @ symbol, you can type your fan page or any friend, and it will "tag" them, and come up as a link. Example "I love your handbags. @The Niki Project is a fan!" In that example, The Niki Project would be displayed as a link and anyone who clicks will be brought to my fan page. I absolutely love this feature and find it especially helpful when posting on someone's wall who doesn't have link sharing enabled. That way, you can still provide a link, and it looks much cleaner that pasting a whole url.
So, I thought this was a really nifty and handy trick and decided I would share it with you guys. Enjoy!


TheNikiProject said...

As I found in the etsy forums, some people don't take kindly to people leaving links to their fan pages. :-P But like I said, you can use this feature to tag your friends too.

Jenny said...

Hi Niki!
I noticed this feature show up and was so excited about it too! I've been using it like crazy. Like, "@Mary Smith just bought this great new necklace from @blackrockdesign. I love that is doesn't come off so spammy :)

TheNikiProject said...

And that's exactly why I love it too!

jan.baeten said...

it's a pitty that you don't get message if someone tags your own page.
you get that kind of message if someone tag yourself (as a person) but not as a fanpage.

Custom Facebook Fan Page said...
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