Friday, June 11, 2010

Seductive Vampire Makeup Tutorial

I need to try this sometime. :)

And I realize my blogger is set up so part of the video is cut off, So if you want to see the full size click here.


Campbell Jane said...

I love Michelle's videos! I think I've watched them all. I posted her Lady Gaga demo a while back on the blog. A couple of weeks ago while babysitting a 12 yr old girl for a few days her videos came in handy. I made her look like Barbie. Was so fun! I wish I had her skin!

TheNikiProject said...

Oh, I bet it was a blast making her look like Barbie! I've only watched a few of Michelle's videos, and I actually don't even remember how I found this one, but I plan on watching many more. They are so good!