Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Universe on your finger, Etsy finds

Hey guys. So I listed this ring today and just had to show it to you. It's made from a vintage cabochon. The cabochon is mesmerizing. It looks as if it's made of glass and inside it contains the universe. I really love it and am going to make myelf one.

Now, I love things that have to do with space, so I did a search. Here's some stellar finds from other Etsians.

Here is a flask from COGnitivecreations that features the Ursa Major constellation.

Constellation map pendant from InmostLight

Vintage Illustrated Children's Book from WillowGlenDrive

Starry Night Wall Graphics from Michellechristina

In the fields of stars fine art photograph from InmostLight

Starry Night Ring from Missyindustry

Stargazer reusable sandwich pouch from Cottontopquilts

The Starry Night Vinyl Skin Decal for iphone from CoolDecal

Celestial Constellation Tshirt from Nonfictiontees
Hope you all enjoyed my starry finds! Which ones do you like best?


EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

I love stars! Great post :)

I would DEFINITELY have considered moving somewhere else by now, if we could. However, my boyfriend and I are both in college and neither of us have financial support from our parents, so we really don't have the option of getting our own apartment unless we did income based and although we COULD, I'd much rather share a 2 bedroom with our buddy instead. The town we are moving to (the same town we go to college in) is kinda yucky, but the apartments are really nice, and they're inside a gated community so they're safe enough though the area isn't. they're just really hard to get into. Which is nice in terms of safety and stuff, but has caused so many headaches as far as getting moved in.

Plus teh income based apartments in that town are really bad, at least the ones i've seen. The ones in this town that we currently live in aren't nearly as bad, but we're over half an hour drive from school right now, so we'd really like to be able to move to the town we are going to school in.

But yeah, it's pretty ridiculous at this point. Ryan is going to call in the morning though, she's suppose to work tomorrow.

We have done a bad job of "staying on her" about this. She'd be like 'oh I'll call you monday' and we wouldnt hear from her, and we'd wait until wednesday or thursday to call HER, so that was bad on our part, but we were afraid of seeming rude by bothering her. By now we are WAY past that though, we are going to stay on her until we get somewhere, one way or the other.

It's just dumb though becuase neither of us have anything on our background checks that should be causing these issues and she keeps finding stuff on OTHER peoples background checks and confusing it with ours. I don't understand how/why this happens because we have her our SSN's so how can you get the 'wrong' person based on our social? idk. frustrating!

TheNikiProject said...

See, we had the same issue about not wanting to seem rude and annoying when we had to keep on them about doing what they were supposed to. Very frustrating. And like you said, how can they confuse other people with you guys since they have your SSN's? That doesn't make sense! Lol. And man, you were supposed to move in in April!!? Wow, sorry about that one. I can see why you guys are past worrying about seeming rude. Actually, with all their negligence it seems like THEY are the ones beign rude! Lol

esque said...

Oooh, I love that ring!

Emmy, sounds like a pain in the butt having to deal with incompetent people!

Niki, yes, those were cherry blossoms; aren't they spectacular?ai