Saturday, May 15, 2010

Henna tattoo

So I watched some youtube videos about henna. They were by user Free Hand Mehndi. She has some really great videos where she does designs but she also has some awesome informational videos too that show you all you need to know to do your own henna tattoo. So I got inspired and decided I would try my hand at it, literally. lol. So, as it turns out, she has an Etsy shop, freehandmehndi, where she sells a complete starter kit for only $12. Good deal! So I got the kit, followed all the steps in her videos and now the henna is drying on my hand. I'm going to let it sit overnight and then I'll take it off tomorrow. I'll post an update pic tomorrow so you guys can see how it turned out. :)


Campbell Jane said...

Beautiful. I do henna tattoos. They make me feel good & lift my spirit especially if I'm blue. Great job for your first try seriously!

TheNikiProject said...

Hey thanks! That's awesome that you do it too! I can def see how you said it lifts your spirits. Even though I'm not that good at drawing I wanted to try it. I really enjoyed doing it. Putting it on was almost meditative, and, for my first time, I am happy with how it turned out. I will def be doing it again. :)