Friday, May 7, 2010

Spammy convo! Or is it?

So was in the Etsy forums and saw a post about someone who is being spammy and sending around convos saying "sorry you aren't included in my treasury but would you take the time to look at it anyway?". So a bunch of us etsians reply saying how low, annoying and disgusting that is. A few mins later I get a convo titled "You aren't in my treasury" and inside was a link to the treasury. I get a little mad and think, maybe I should go to the treasury and post a comment saying how I don't appreciate their spam. So I click the link and as I'm scrolling down to the comments, not even bothering to check out the treasury, my fingers are stopped in their scrolling tracks. My earrings? What?
Prankster! 42things took the first few people who posted in that forum thread and made a treasury with them. It was a good laugh, thought I'd share it.
Here's the treasury I'm NOT in. :-D


42 things said...

hee hee, that was fun!

thanks for blogging about it!

TheNikiProject said...

No prob! :)