Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's raining in my apartment

So Zeb and I were gone for two and a half hours today. We came home to water dripping from our ceiling. It was streaming in through the fan in the ceiling in the bathroom, down the walls, and through the ceiling. It was coming in through the bathroom, the bedroom and it started to puddle under the ceiling paint in the livingroom but it never came through, thank goodness. Luckily, we weren't gone for long so none of our belongings were damaged as we were able to move things, or tarp them and put bowls around. As you can see in the picture the water is coming down as a nasty yellowy orange.
Apparently, the person on the third floor (we are on the bottom floor) left for work with their water running. Oh, and they had a candle lit too. The water soaked through the second floor apartment (who wasn't home) and then down into our apartment. I guess the person above us didn't have renter's insurance which is unfortuante because the water damaged their bed and computer and I'm sure other things.
So here's another part of the story. Earlier in the day the water to the building was turned off for about a half hour. I'm guessing for some kind of mainenance. So what I'm guessing happened, is that the person was in the shower when the water was shut off. What I assume happened is that they didn't actually turn the faucet off. Then they finished getting ready and left for work. When the water came on, their shower faucet must have still been on. That's my theory.
We don't have renter's insurance, which is fine this time since nothing of ours was damaged, but tomorrow our insurance agent is getting a call now that I know how irresponsible our upstairs neighbor is. :)


Elise O. said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog post about trimming my bangs!

I pretty much always cut my own hair and bangs and normally it doesn't look half bad... there was one time that I kind of messed up my hair cutting it myself, but I just dragged my sister into the bathroom and made her finish cutting my hair for me.

That was the worst hair cut I've had in a loooong time. haha. I don't mind doing my bangs tho, they're always easy and never turn out horrible. :)

TheNikiProject said...

Oh, man. I would never trust myself to do all of my hair. I did try my bangs though after your post! They turned out decent. My scissors were crap, so that made it difficult. But all in all, pretty good! Thanks to your post, otherwise I wouldn't have tried! Ha!